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 AMS REALTIME is an enterprise scale distributed
 project, resource, cost and time management software suite.


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AMS REALTIME project management software is a powerful, highly configurable, but easy-to-use software application toolset. It is used across a wide variety of industries to manage multiple inter-related projects, resources, and project costs. Data can be optionally integrated with SQL Server, Oracle & ODBC compliant databases.

AMS REALTIME can be effectively used to ensure timely project delivery while optimizing the use of labor, funds and other resources.

The AMS REALTIME Solution has been designed to support the needs of many roles within your organization, from the CEO to the Project team member. These roles will utilize the AMS REALTIME Solution via one or more of the components below:

  • AMS REALTIME Enterprise
    A fully integrated Portfolio, Project and Resource Management software tool. Resource managers can satisfy skill requests from project managers and balance resource usage to avoid overloads. Options exist for time-recording against planned work, status reporting for a task, and more that is fully configurable.

  • AMS REALTIME Projects
    Powerful Planning, Scheduling, Critical Path Management, Resource Management, Cost Management and Multi-project capability.

  • AMS REALTIME Microsoft Integration
    Allows Microsoft Project to be used as a Planning and Scheduling alternative to AMS REALTIME Projects in an integrated solution with AMS REALTIME Enterprise and Solo.

  • AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server
    A Server database repository for all your project, resource and tracking data providing an integrated view of all project and operational work across the enterprise.

A multi-dimensional, role based, access model provides necessary security controls over the project, resource and cost information. Project managers, resource managers, users and executives use standard interfaces to view information in the database repository to assess the status of projects across the organization, and drill down to investigate details at various levels in the breakdown structure (WBS, CBS, OBS, PBS, etc.).

With information available in real-time; the ability to create simple to complex plans, input time, expenses and estimates-to-complete in the central repository can reduce costs and provide accurate information across departments in real time.

The ability to work seamlessly on the same data across multiple platforms and deploy AMS REALTIME on LAN/WAN/Intranet and Extranet provides organizations with an efficient and effective tool-set to reduce cycle time, improve return on investment (ROI), enhance productivity and enable decision making. The user interface and experience is the same on all platforms and for all users.

The open architecture and tools of the AMS REALTIME suite ensures that integration with other enterprise applications is easy and accomplishable. The software suite has inbuilt support for Python code and provides Python based API's for easy extension and customization (

The award winning AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution is widely recognized for providing a powerful combination of functionality, flexibility, usability and high performance, and now Microsoft Project users can take advantage of the AMS REALTIME Solution via a simple to use interface.

Operating Environment

AMS REALTIME is completely cross-platform compatible across the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows 7, XP, 2003, 2000 and Vista   
  • UNIX (Sun Solaris®, HP-UX®, AIX®)  
  • Linux x86 (Kernels 2.4.9-13 upwards)

Whatever platform you are using, the elements of Advanced Management Solutions software are identical in look, feel and operation, with the additional benefit of LAN support, data management, security and concurrent user control.

All the elements of AMS REALTIME are Open Database Compliant (ODBC). This means that data held in AMS REALTIME can be accessed directly by any ODBC-compliant program, such as Microsoft® Access, Crystal Reports and  Oracle® without the requirement for file conversion.

Additionally, AMS REALTIME provides a secure and managed project repository in Oracle with comprehensive security.

Please refer to individual AMS REALTIME products for technical specifications or click here for a full list.

Multiple languages

AMS REALTIME products have been translated into several different languages, including French, German and also Asian languages that use Double Byte Character Sets. Translation toolkits are available to distributors that provide local support. Click here for information about our global partners and distributors.

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