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Advanced Management Solutions has more than 100,000 users of its products worldwide, providing solutions to organizations involved in the following activities:
  • Managing Work in IT Departments - Including new systems development together with maintenance and support work.
  • Managing Research & Development Programs - Reduce time to market in industries such as electronics, telecommunications, automotive and pharmaceuticals.
  • Managing Capital Projects - For example, construction of oil rigs, transport systems, new plant/facilities etc.
  • Managing Organizational Change - Providing a structured approach to implementing technical and cultural change.
  • Managing Professional Services - Improving the efficiency & effectiveness of systems integrators and consulting firms.

As a result, AMS sells in a wide variety of sectors, including chemical and pharmaceutical, finance, telecommunications, electronics, retail and wholesale, oil, engineering and construction, IT & systems integrators, manufacturing and utilities.

The project & resource management solutions enable:

  • Visibility of the work that needs to be done, when it needs to be completed and the skills required.
  • Real-time collection and analysis of data allowing quick and accurate decisions.
  • Integration of information across the organization understanding resource shortages, the impact of one project on another and the organizationís ability to take on new work.
  • A disciplined approach to project management, so that everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to be done, and what can be done when unexpected changes occur.

The end results of an effective project and resource management system are - effort aligned with priorities - organizations receive the best out of their resources, deadlines are met, time after time - resulting in satisfied customers, internally and externally.

For additional information please view "Improving Business Performance through Management by Projects" available in our Articles area.

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