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BP Norway | Steinar Bjugn

"AMS provide more than just software. BP have been using AMS REALTIME  Projects for some while, fairly self-sufficiently. AMS Consultants looked at how  we were using RTP and identified where our usage could be improved. They  also  analysed our business requirements in relation to integrating RTP with our  corporate work order system (WorkMate). With their help we now have a very  effective integrated solution.”

Messier Dowty | Martin Beirne

“ …. We have found AMS to be very supportive towards our training needs”

Warrington Borough Council | Trish Adams

“We have found the AMS Consultants to be very knowledgeable about AMS  REALTIME, Microsoft Project and the integration between these products. With  their help and support we are now using the AMS & MSP products in the I.T  Section to provide information at all levels to enable us to manage our work and  our resources more efficiently.”

Allseas Engineering bv | Ton Janse

“…… We concluded that AMS REALTIME Projects was the right solution for  Allseas. The functionality, open structure and the Python script language make  this software very flexible with respect to customisation and interfacing.

….. the first Python scripts are now ready for use, allowing us to execute repetitive tasks via one toolbar button.”

The Engineering Link | Ivan Webb

"The implementation was smooth and unruffled due primarily to the AMS Project  Manager who had an in-depth knowledge of the software. The expert planning  and great flexibility in approach of AMS staff, who always rose to meet any  challenge posed, made this project a pleasure to work on.”

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