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AMS REALTIME Projects | Technical Features

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  • Microsoft® Windows 7, XP, 2003, 2000, etc.
  • UNIX (Sun Solaris®, HP-UX®, AIX®)
  • Linux (x86)
  • 100 % Cross-platform compatible
  • LAN support with concurrent user control

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Interactive graphical bar chart with optional network links
  • Adjust start & complete dates
  • Move entire tasks
  • Post progress or show slip dates
  • Interactive logic diagram (PDM)
  • Spreadsheet-style tables
  • Toolbar icons, menus & hotspots
  • Zoom & Pan
  • Split screen table
  • Interactive resource window
  • Views save sort & match layouts


  • Full network features for PDM
  • Free float and total float
  • Logic mode - Custom definable box; Line style selections; Time-phased, critical & logical sorts
  • Gantt chart visual logic tools
  • Network analyzer mode
  • Real-time network calculations
  • Critical Path and The Path To ...

Project Management

  • Milestones: military & industry symbols
  • Select individual activity bar type, symbols, color, pattern & markers
  • Up to 250 working calendars - Split Calendars; Calendar scales years to minutes; Calendar up to year 2049
  • Up to 100 user definable fields
  • Many detail activities per schedule -- up to 64K
  • Projects can be comprised of multiple schedules & subproject schedules
  • Roll schedules for executive summaries
  • Integrated usage & costs in real-time
  • Technical, span & baseline progress modes
  • Multiple revisions
  • Batch commands
  • Command button links other programs
  • Attach document links to activities
  • Import/Export
  • Generic translator for user-defined import and export by dataset
  • Translators for other Project Management products

Resource Scheduling

  • Schedule resources in months, weeks, days, hours or minutes
  • Interactive graphic resource assignment
  • Rate, total or period-based resource assignment
  • Effort driven resource control
  • Resource and time-constrained levelling
  • Interactive conflict resolution & analysis tools
  • Variable resource availability
  • Resource calendars
  • Resource summarization
  • Up to 2000 resources per schedule

Cost Integration

  • Calculated from resources or spread sheet entry
  • Elements of cost allow cost breakdowns
  • Rate tables & apportion costs
  • Standard C/SCSC Earned Value methods
  • Cost controlled 'Fit to Budget' resource usage adjustments
  • User-defined accounting calendars
  • Up to 2000 cost centers
  • Baseline locking

    AMS REALTIME Projects Integrated Costs

Publishing Reports

  • WYSIWYG composition
  • Auto-form for instant report layouts
  • Built in drawing package for custom report design
  • Drilldown and thumbnail preview of reports
  • Logos, legends, footnotes, Watermarks & Wallpaper backgrounds
  • Graphic output to desktop publishers
  • Filters and sorts allow combinations of data publication

Database Repository

  • Centralize project data, resource pools and calendars
  • Integrate with 3rd Party Applications (ERP etc.)
  • Login to database at start-up
  • Read and write project data to Oracle and other corporate databases
  • SQL/ODBC and OCI ( native Oracle ) connectivity
  • Define maps to control data content and transfer

Project Librarian

  • A combined file browser and data management assistant
  • Browse and open project schedules from disk files or databases
  • Drilldown and preview database tables before opening projects
  • Import central calendars and resource pools from databases or files
  • Translate Microsoft Project and Artemis data to and from
    AMS REALTIME Projects

Overview | Screen Captures | Product Features | Brochure

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