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Gantt Schedules
AMS REALTIME Projects can be used to quickly and easily plan work in a Gantt chart mode. It provides the most powerful User Interface of any product.
Critical Path Method (CPM)
AMS REALTIME Projects is a real-time project management system, immediatley displaying the result of any changes to your plan. Logic links between tasks can be created graphically using your mouse. When a logic link has been established between two tasks, the program instantly moves the tasks to their appropriate position on the Gantt chart.
Resource Loading & Levelling
Resource requirements can be added to activities allowing resource utilization to be calculated and displayed, again in real-time. Resources can be automatically deducted from a resource pool, instantly indicating overloads. A resource leveller can be invoked to display possible alternatives to enable the schedule to be met with minimum overload.
Costs & Earned Value Analysis (EVA)
Resource and other Cost information can be specified in the schedule allowing AMS REALTIME Projects to make Earned Value calculations automatically. Earned Value cost capability is also a standard feature of AMS REALTIME Enterprise.

For further details, click here - AMS REALTIME Projects Integrated Costs

Reporting & Analysis
AMS REALTIME Projects provides a powerful reporting solution to generate high quality reports. Templates can be created to provide standard reports and at the same time ad-hoc reports can be created.
Project Summarization
AMS REALTIME Projects has the most flexible summarization techniques of any project management system. WBS, OBS and other structures can be defined for automatic rollup and summarization. Ad-hoc rollup requirements are also supported through powerful dialogues allowing any field in the database to be used for this purpose. Rollups can include Duration, Progress, Resource utilization, Cost and Earned Value data.
Multi-Project and Sub-Projects
AMS REALTIME Projects supports both Multi- and Sub-Project models. Multi-project techniques allow AMS REALTIME Projects to be used as a corporate tool for Top-Down and Bottom-Up management, providing both a high level summary or a complete detailed picture of many projects.
Multi Platform Compatibility
AMS REALTIME Projects runs across PC, Linux and Unix X Windows platforms. The software and data files are 100% compatible across these platforms making AMS REALTIME Projects an ideal solution for any organization with more than one platform.
Multi Lingual
AMS REALTIME products are available in several different languages, including Asian languages that use Double Byte Character Sets. Click here for information about our global partners and distributors.
Time & Resource Management
AMS REALTIME Projects is completely interfaced with AMS REALTIME Enterprise brings Resource Management and easy-to-use time reporting to the entire organization.

Overview | Screen Captures | Technical Features | Brochure

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